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how we help


Business Growth and Growth Readiness

We understand business models, strategy, execution, and scale. And how to improve marketing, business development, sales, culture, accounting, finance, and operational processes. Whether a start-up or mature company, we guide owners to creating business growth and greater value. Our Growth Readiness Implementation weaponizes your business processes and systems to drive growth. 


Sale Readiness

Exit planning and sale readiness are essential to maximizing value. Using our Sale Readiness Implementation, we guide owners through a process designed to assure that their businesses are ready for sale when they are.


Owner Advisory

Owner advisory services include:

  • Business and executive coaching.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions assistance.
  • Fractional COO and CFO services.
  • Advisory board member services.
  • Capital raising/financing assistance.
  • Start-up guidance and coaching.
  • Forecasting, budgeting, financial modeling.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Business plans.

What Our clients say

Founder/CEO of Start-Up SaaS Company

 "A good Exec Coach is part therapist, part startup specialist, and part  consigliere. I joke with him that 75% of the time the act of verbalizing  what I'm dealing with causes me to figure out the answer on my own. All  joking aside, my Coach has advised me well. Thanks, Bob!" 

Owner of Early-Stage Design Firm

 "Bob was able to understand our complex business model and quickly get to the core issues. His experience across a wide range of businesses was of great help, pointing out what works and what doesn't, finding options for growth and better strategy going forward. We would totally recommend working with him." 

CEO of Home Improvement Services Firm

" Bob is an excellent adviser and business coach. What we believed our direction should be and to what it is now is a complete 180 after working with Bob. He has incredible communication and we look forward to a long term business relationship. Highly recommend." 

CEO of Equipment Rental Company

 "Bob was extremely helpful. He is very knowledgeable and his communication is clear and concise. He provided thorough written summaries of our conversations, in some cases elaborating on scenarios we discussed and providing examples that were easy to understand. He answered all of my follow up questions quickly and effectively. I will continue to consult with him in the future, highly recommend! "

Owner of Wholesale/Distribution Businesses

 "He made my project a priority and completed my business assessment in the shortest time possible. Bob's completed business assessment is triple platinum and the beginning of the new era for my companies. I look forward to working with Bob for many years to come! "

Digital Agency Owner

 "Have enjoyed working with Bob to get a sense of how I should grow my business. It's clear he has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of running a business, and can provide strong guidance. Looking forward to continuing our work. "

Representative clients & services provided


Data Services Business ($10 million sales)

Conducted acquisition due diligence for significant purchase of a competitor company. 

Lighting Manufacturer ($17 million sales)

Preparation of business growth plan

Architectural Components Product (Start-Up)

Coached, advised, and guided founder on all aspects of developing and launching new business.

Medspa ($3.5 million sales)

Develop and execute business growth plan, and improve core business processes. 

SaaS/Software Business ($2.5 million sales)

Strategic planning , business process improvement, owner-CEO coaching. 

E-commerce Consumer Product Business ($4.2 million sales.)

Fractional CFO services; strategic planning; owner coaching. 


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