Capital Raise Assistance & Coaching

Founders of start-ups undertaking a capital raise face a daunting task. Absent wealthy and generous family and friends, the odds of success in the capital markets are dismal. VC and angel firms look at dozens — if not hundreds –of companies for every one they invest in.

To make matters worse, start-ups rarely have the money to hire experts to guide them through the process.

We give founders a fighting chance, by offering three Capital Raise Assistance and Coaching packages. Each is designed to provide essential knowledge, guidance, and capital raise help on a cost-effective basis.  

Many founders get caught-up in the excitement of their product or service. They lose sight of the fact that venture capitalists and angel investors are evaluating the skill and professionalism of the management team, as much – if not more—than the product or service.  And they overlook more realistic options for raising capital than VCs or angels.

We help founders realistically understand their options, and position themselves to be as attractive as possible to the capital markets.  

We are not brokers or bankers, so we do not charge fees for raising capital, often based on false hope and unrealistic expectations. Instead, we offer independent and objective advice, with your best interests in mind. All of our work is, of course, done under terms of strict non-disclosure.

Our Three Packages

Capital Raise Advisory Basic Package: $750. This package includes review, assessment, and critique of your financials, projections, and presentation materials and business plans, as well as two telephonic advisory and coaching sessions.

Capital Raise Advisory Intermediate Package: $1,500. This package includes the basic package, plus two telephonic coaching sessions designed to assure effective implementation of the recommendations made under the basic package.

Capital Raise Advisory Advanced Package: $3,000. This package includes both the basic and intermediate packages, plus telephonic coaching sessions to review and advise on your path to a successful capital raise.

In addition to the foregoing, customized packages can be developed as needed.

Don’t leave the future of your dream to chance. Prepare yourself to be competitive in the capital markets with the other entrepreneurs scrambling for investment dollars.

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