Start-Up Businesses


Start-Up BusinessesStart-up businesses face special challenges. Owners may have the necessary vision, drive, and passion to succeed. But they don’t necessarily have all of the skills needed to make a business go. These include:

  • Financial and accounting acumen.
  • Budgeting and forecasting knowledge.
  • Fund raising and cash flow agility.
  • The ability to manage people in diverse fields, from sales to accounting.

Capital raising often becomes a special issue. Many ventures start the process without fully understanding what makes them an attractive candidate in a competitive field. Learn more about our affordable Capital Raise Assistance and Coaching packages.

Coaching and support from one of our business growth advisors can make all the difference for a start-up business.

We offer affordable monthly coaching packages to fit any start-up budget. And we know how to focus on the critical issues, producing return on investment from any spend with us.


For a confidential complimentary consultation, or more information, contact us at:

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  • 847.902.0258

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