You May Be Ready to Sell.

Business Sale Readiness

But is Your Business?

Failing to understand business sale readiness can be costly. That’s why you should call us before calling a business broker or investment banker.

The sobering truth–according to the International Business Brokers Association–is this: As many as 75% of businesses put up for sale go unsold. Owners who do sell often receive sales prices far lower than hoped for.

Why? Because those owners failed to  make their businesses valuable to potential buyers. This, despite having successful businesses.

Business Sale Readiness

Our business sale readiness services help owners:

  • Obtain a realistic understanding of their business’ value.
  • Understand and improve the drivers of value in their businesses.
  • Lessen dependence of business success on the owner.
  • Tighten-up loose ends in accounting and internal controls.
  • Mitigate employee or multi-owner conflicts.
  • Document processes valuable to potential buyers.
  • Identify potential issues in advance of the buyer’s due diligence process.
  • Avoid surprises during the sale process.
  • Maximize value on sale.
  • Be prepared for banker or broker’s preparation of offering materials.
  • Address all transition planning issues, both business and personal, owners will face.
  • Find and hire the investment banker or business broker best suited for executing a successful transaction.
Know Your Buyer

Business owners understand the mandate to know their customer. They need to apply that same concept when selling their business. Owners need to know their buyer. And what their buyer is looking for. Because not all potential buyers will value a company the same way, we help owners understand what a buyer wants. Our business sale readiness services can help you assure a successful sale.


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