Business Advice

Why do owners come to us for business advice? Because they  may be experts in many things. But they can’t be experts in everything.

Business Advice

RKG’s owner advisory services brings the owner business  advice, expertise, and counsel. When they want it. When they need it.

We offer the trusted-advisor advice owners don’t receive from CPAs, lawyers, or bankers. And our fee arrangements are fixed-fee. Thus, there is never a fear of running a meter every time you pick up the phone and call us.

Summary of Services

Virtual chief operating officer and chief financial officer services: Many companies can’t afford or don’t need a full-time COO or CFO. As a result, they suffer a management gap. We can fill the hole. We step in to perform those functions. When needed, and as needed. Or, on an ongoing but part-time basis.

On-demand business and operating advice: Because we develop a deep understanding of your business, we can provide timely, relevant, objective advice as issues arise.

Virtual board of directors and owner accountability services: While CEOs of public companies are accountable to a board of directors, most CEO-owners of private companies are only accountable to themselves. We provide the structure and discipline owners need to keep them on track.

Multi-owner or family business mediation and conflict resolution: Often, only a third-party can resolve the conflicts between owners or family members which can destroy a business. We are skilled at mediation and dispute resolution.

Corporate and operating governance enhancement:
Too often, processes, procedures, and responsibilities are not well-understood. And not well-documented. The result is lack of accountability. We can make companies more successful by improving governance.

Strategic planning and execution improvement: Evaluating and improving strategy is our specialty. And we are an execution shop.

Contact Us

For a confidential complementary consultation, or for more information, contact us at:

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