How We Work


Our approach is simple: Quickly   determine and remove the obstacles standing in the way of your achieving greater business success.

We have strong 311-group-of-business-people-pvaccounting and financial backgrounds. Thus, we spot the problems and opportunities in the numbers. And with deep management and people experience, we read the stories and culture behind the numbers.

Most of all, our fresh eyes and objective view point all us to see things you can’t.

Next, we formulate a specific work plan. Thus, we achieve measurable improvement in the areas identified. Finally, we demonstrate that our work  produces a return on investment for you.

After we have an agreed work plan, we typically work with owners and their team for a period of from eight to eighteen months. During this time, we execute the changes necessary to assure business success and improvement.

Our Work Includes
  • Twice-monthly in-person or telephone sessions with owners.
  • Review, assessment, and analysis of all monthly financial, operating and management reports.
  • Development and implementation of necessary reports as needed.
  • Monthly sessions with key personnel or others (customers, vendors) as needed.
  • Attendance (by telephone or in person) at periodic management team meetings.
  • Availability as and when needed for telephone and email consultations.
In Short
  • What we do: We get into a company’s blood stream, finding and fixing problems.
  • What we don’t do: Write lengthy reports and analysis, and make long presentations.
  • Result: We grow businesses,  and make them sustainable and more valuable.

All fees are determined based on the specific facts, circumstances, and needs of each individual situation.

FeesIn most cases, fees are quoted on a monthly fixed-fee basis. This way, you never need to worry about a meter running when you want to talk to us.

Depending on the engagement, fees typically range from $1,500 to $4,800 per month.

Contact Us

For a confidential complementary consultation, or for more information, contact us at:

  • or
  • 847-902-0258

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