Complimentary Consult

We offer business owners a confidential, complementary, no-obligation consultation.

Our complementary consult in many cases reveals the core problems (or as we like to say, the “boulders in the road”) preventing greater business success.

At a minimum, it uncovers important insights owners can consider for meaningful business improvement.

Why Do We Offer a Complementary Consult

We are not great sales people. But we are good advisors. We have learned that our investment of time in your business produces a good return for both us, and our clients.

Our complementary consult is the best way for owners to actually experience how we can help them.

How it works

  • To start, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, to assure complete confidentiality of all information you share with us. And you only share with us what you are comfortable sharing.
  • We study your financial statements, accounting, operating, and management reports, as well as budgets, forecasts, and key performance metrics you use to manage the business.
  • Also, we conduct our own independent research into your industry and competition.
  • We conduct a 45 to 60-minute owner interview (by telephone, Skype, or Face Time), and as needed, additional interviews with key personnel.
  • After analysis of all of the foregoing, we conduct a closing conference with the owner (by telephone, or otherwise) where we share our conclusions, observations, findings, and recommendations.
  • If there are areas where we think we can add value, we will ask – in a no pressure way — for the opportunity to make a proposal to serve. But often we don’t have to ask. We are invited.
  • If we do not find areas where we believe we can bring meaningful improvement, we will share the results of our findings, and hope to stay in touch if we may be of service in the future. No pressure. No obligation. We hope only upside for you.
To Begin the Process

Simply ask us for a confidential, complementary consultation. Contact us using the contact us page, or at:

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